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RESTAURANT PATIO   Painted in an outdoor space, this mural created a relaxing, inviting atmosphere to the patio. Perpetually a sunny day with flowers blooming and the fountain creating soothing sounds, this mural was the perfect solution to creating an oasis. Painted in exterior grade quality acrylics, the mural will be bright and colorful for years.


ARTISTIC INTEGRITY   Anne uses high quality artists' acrylics and glazes to achieve just the look her clients are seeking. Shown here is a hallway in a rehab facility that Anne painted to look like "Main Street, USA". She created faux windows, textures and signage for a bit of whimsy in a long hallway.


FAUX MARBLE  Queen Elizabeth at the Chelsea Flower Show, takes a look at a  garden telescope on Anne's faux marble pedestal. Anne's faux marble flawlessly replicates the real deal.


YOUR HOME  Small project, or large, Anne can add just the right touch of hand painted charm to your home. Shown here is a garden of blossoms and birds on closet bi-fold doors. Colorful and original, a mural adds a unique feeling to your house.

Projects: Exhibitions
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